our family

our family

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Birthday Party for a KING

All of the hustle and bustle around the Cooper house this week has been a sight one must see to fully understand where I am coming from. We have cleaned like you would not believe. I have been thinking aout the preperations I have been doing around the house to get the house clean and ready for guest.It makes me excited. I know what I am preparing for so that makes it even sweeter. We are having a birthday party!!! Today starts the celebrations. Levi has made his birthday card and we will begin to bake the cake when he is out of the tub. ( he is very messy from making the card) Levi will decorate the cake, we will decorate the house, we will get out our party clothes and have a nice fun celebration. You ask why go thru such trouble for a birthday party? Well, its a party for the KING! One must do all one can when celebrating a KING. After all this King is no ordinary King. He saw the need of the human race. He stepped off of his throne, restricted himself as a little embryo, was born of a virgin, grew to be a man who bore the cross, went to hell on my account, and was RISEN, returned to his throne, and now we patiently (sometimese too patiently I might add) await for his return. This is MY KING who we are celebrating this week!!!
I pray that each of you do not forget what CHRISTmas is really all about! It is NOT about us or how we are feeling. If we are in the 'holiday' spirit or not. It is all about a KING! Lets not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of trying to buy all the last min. gifts and food.

REJOICE for our ABBA is KING!!!

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