our family

our family

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Its time. Its time for me to get my life back on a schedule and be more organized. I have been aweful for a few weeks now. I only do laundry when there is nothing else to wear or no towels in the hall closet, I only do the dishes when the sink overfloweth, I have not made my bed once this week. ITS AWEFUL! I am starting in the morning (Monday) to get my life a little bit more organized. When I started babysitting the twins I was getting up before they got here to do a little bit of reading and Bible study then would clean the house BEFORE laying down for a nap with Levi. It was great I always had time to myself during the day, because I planned it well. We were up and had breakfast and the kitchen cleaned by 9 o'clock every morning. I had time to play with Levi ( in a clean Living room) and do a little bit of learning excercises. My bedroom was ALWAYS clean. The bed might not have been made everyday, ok, so the bed was never made, but at least I could see my dresser and chest! Now there are clean clothes on my chest and books and baby stuff all over my dresser. I am tired of feeling like I am not getting anything accomplished during the day when my man gets home. I like to be able to just spend the evening with him and Keristin after they have been gone all day. I like to have supper done for them by 4 in the evening, but the past few weeks, I have done none of this. I have got to get myself together becaue beginning next year we will start 2 year old school with Levi. I will not be doing much each day with him, but if I am not structured, then it will be crazy trying to teach him even a little bit. I heard someone say once that a sloppy house reflects a sloppy faith I have this posted on my refrigerator and I am living by it! You would think that by me not getting my house cleaned everyday that I would have plenty of time to spend with the kids and with Joseph, but on the contrary, I constantly have something on my mind, such as what I need to be doing or I things haven't gotten done during the day. So I am not spending quality time with them. When I am more organized, I have EVERYTHING done in the evening and am able to spend the whole evening with the family. I am much more ful filled and feel as though I am living out my purpose in life. Being a wife, mother, and friend to my family.

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