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our family

Monday, January 17, 2011

Um... PJs, McDonalds, and Target

After being snowed in for a week I was finally ready to go somewhere. Levi was almost out of diaper so why not go to Target. When we got up this morning Joseph told me he wasn't taking the day off and our beautiful daughter is at a friends house. So it is just me and levi. I love having mommy days with each of my children.
I wanted to get out but didn't want to get dressed! I decided I was staying in what I slept in (lounge pants, and one of Joseph's sweat shirts). We went to eat just at McDonalds and ordered 2 cheese burgers, medium french fry, large sweet tea, and COOKIES ( something we NEVER do) we sat down adn shared it all! Levi enjoyed watching the cars go by out the window, but I think the little guy filling the ice machine was his favorite. When we were all done, levi helped put things away and then wanted to walk to the car all by himself. He is growing up so fast!
We left for Target and Levi decided to get in a power nap on the way. He loved shopping! We always check out the dollar section at Target for great deals! He has to play with everything there. He wanted stickers, books, oven mits, cookie cutters, trucks, animals, chips, and a closet organizer. ( no I did not purchase them all!) We left only with a clothes hamper for $2.50. As we were walking away from it all he was still holding the closet organizer , handed it to me and said " put it back". I guess he decided he didn't want to organize his closet after all. We walked around for awhile playing with different things. I found a shower curtain for the bathroom on sale for 13 dollars, originally 27 dollars! So then I think he was done. He asked for his binky and pabby. When he is tired he always wants those two things. He wants me to lay is binky on the buggy handle so he has a 'pillow' to lay his head on. So he rested on the way to the check out. I purchased our items including our 2 bags of raisenets that we had a coupon for. :)
As we got in the car he asked to go night night. I told him he could sleep on the way home, but do you think he did? Um... no.
So here we are at home. He is laying next to me while I am writing this. Oh how I love being able to stay at home with my children! It is the little things like this that make me feel so blessed! God is an awesome God!

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